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Our clients receive expertise and perspective from strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies, investing in middle-market companies, operating at Preventive Health start-ups, and premier MBA education


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Client Testimonials

"Teddy is easy to work with. He is extremely professional, and took the time to really understand our project. He communicates clearly before, during, and after our work together. Teddy also finds meaningful ways to go above and beyond the scope of work, like making introductions and taking extra time to answer all clarifying questions."

Andrew, Co-Founder & Chief executive officer

"Teddy combines attention to detail, a spirit of collaboration and strategic thinking -- a valuable combination not always found in one individual."

Paul, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

"Teddy is a true health and wellness expert. He gives aggressive timelines and has exceeded expectations on all fronts. His positive attitude is especially helpful as he pushes forward to solve difficult questions and navigates towards non obvious solutions."

Trent, investor

"Teddy was awesome. Great insights, very flexible and incredibly productive. He presented a clear approach upfront, built on ideas real time, and delivered on schedule!

doug, Chief Strategy and Financial OfficeR

"Teddy has been a pleasure to work with. He inherited a complex project and worked diligently to understand the context and make sure his deliverable was spot on. Teddy has the unique ability to anticipate and proactively address questions that might arise from his work. I firmly believe that life is too short to work with jerks, and Teddy was a great guy."

Bruce, Executive Chairman

"Teddy was extremely responsive, the work quality was well beyond expectations, I felt I got incredible value for the investment. Truly blown away with the experience. "

Gui, Co-Founder & Chief executive officer

"Teddy did an outstanding job in an incredibly short period of time. Insightful comments, knowledge of the digital healthcare market, very friendly and extremely focused on client's success. A pure pleasure to work with and great output for a limited time & budget. "

Cezary, Founder & Chief executive officer

"Excellent research and presentation of the results, providing the information we needed to take the next step." 

Diana, Chief executive officer


Project Examples

  • Product Strategy (Personal Health Data, Fortune 500): Partnered with internal innovation team to survey DNA and personal health data market opportunities, and detail related product innovation strategies for their existing business units.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy (Preventive Health Platform, Start-up): Led strategy workshop for founder and CEO to decide on distribution channel sequencing, business models, and pricing.

  • Fundraising Strategy (Health Food, Start-up): Partnered with founding team and advisers to create proforma financials and channel analytics for seed fundraising and distribution partnerships.

  • Product Strategy (Corporate Health & Wellness, Nascent Business Unit): Partnered with Managing Director to re-design product roadmap and detail implementation requirements.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy (Digital Mindfulness, Start-up): Crafted direct-to-consumer pricing strategy and B2B go-to-market strategy for CEO to scale the business and empower seed fundraising.

  • Fundraising Strategy (Logistics, Middle-Market): Partnered with CEO and CFO to build financial model and lender materials, securing $200M refinancing.

  • Product Strategy (Digital Mindfulness, Start-up): Identified key product and market gaps for founders and CEO to refocus product roadmap.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy (Food & Beverage CPG, Fortune 500): Evaluated retail discounting and display strategies for leadership team, enabling re-allocation of $5B promotion budget to marketing strategies with superior ROI.

  • Fundraising Strategy (Digital Therapeutics, Start-up): Built financial model and forecasting tools for CEO to estimate key P&L, cash flow, and operating metrics, enabling synchronization of investments and headcount growth with business expansion.


  • Go-to-Market Strategy (Digital Therapeutics, Start-up): Clarified marketing funnels for CEO, enabling optimization of team and marketing spend by product and customer.


  • Fundraising Strategy (Digital Therapeutics, Start-up Adviser): Partnered with adviser to synthesize segment fundraising dynamics and identify specific investor contacts for raising growth capital.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy (Health Communications, Start-up): Partnered with CEO to delineate pricing strategies for optimizing growth and fundraising.


  • Go-to-Market Strategy (Fitness Retailer, PE Investor): Evaluated new store opportunities in the US for deal team, utilizing internal and public data to pinpoint the best expansion locations and size the growth opportunity.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy (Digital Mindfulness, Start-up): Created A/B testing program and prediction toolkit for marketing leadership to optimize paid acquisition ROI, e-mail campaign efficacy, and retention.


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