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We give Proactive Health companies strategic and financial clarity for the best path forward

Decade of expertise delivering reliable and candid thought partnership to business leaders at Bain, Private Equity, and over twenty Proactive Health clients


We provide strategic and financial Clarity for proactive health companies


We work across proactive health verticals

Our clients receive a decade of expertise and perspective from top-tier strategy consulting, top-decile private equity investing, premier MBA education, and operating across Proactive Health


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"Teddy is easy to work with. He is extremely professional, and took the time to really understand our project. He communicates clearly before, during, and after our work together. Teddy also finds meaningful ways to go above and beyond the scope of work, like making introductions and taking extra time to answer all clarifying questions."

Andrew, Co-Founder & Chief executive officer

"Excellent research and presentation of the results, providing the information we needed to take the next step." 

Diana, Chief executive officer

"Teddy is a true health and wellness expert. He gives aggressive timelines and has exceeded expectations on all fronts. His positive attitude is especially helpful as he pushes forward to solve difficult questions and navigates towards non-obvious solutions."

Trent, investor

"Teddy was awesome. Great insights, very flexible and incredibly productive. He presented a clear approach upfront, built on ideas real time, and delivered on schedule!

doug, Chief Strategy and Financial OfficeR

"Teddy is enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, insightful, and an overall pleasure to work with. The time we spent together is of great value to my company's goals."

Mark, Founder

"Teddy has proven to be an invaluable partner in thinking through growth prioritization. He is extremely organized, smart and resourceful. He is passionate about health and wellness and very special to partner with someone who really understands and supports your mission."

CHRISTINE, CHief executive officer

"Teddy has been a pleasure to work with. He inherited a complex project and worked diligently to understand the context and make sure his deliverable was spot on. Teddy has the unique ability to anticipate and proactively address questions that might arise from his work. I firmly believe that life is too short to work with jerks, and Teddy was a great guy."

Bruce, Executive Chairman

"Teddy was extremely responsive, the work quality was well beyond expectations, I felt I got incredible value for the investment. Truly blown away with the experience. "

Gui, Co-Founder & Chief executive officer

"Teddy did an outstanding job in an incredibly short period of time. Insightful comments, knowledge of the digital healthcare market, very friendly and extremely focused on client's success. A pure pleasure to work with and great output. "

Cezary, Founder & Chief executive officer

"Teddy combines attention to detail, a spirit of collaboration and strategic thinking -- a valuable combination not always found in one individual."

Paul, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer


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 Clarity Checklist



  • Purpose - Why are we here?

  • Vision - What impact do we seek to have on the world?

  • Missions - What do we do to advance our vision that is anchored in our purpose?

  • Values - What is important as we do our work?

  • KPI’s – How do we measure whether we are realizing our Purpose, Vision, and Missions?


  • Customers - Which markets should we sell into? Which customer segments are most attractive?

  • Offerings - What are our core strategic assets? What is our product roadmap, and how are we prioritizing features? Should we create multiple versions?

  • Value Chain - What are distinct elements of the value chain? Where should we build vs. buy vs. partner?

  • Exaptation - What are seemingly unrelated technological advances that offer meaningful opportunities for our products and services?


  • Business Model - How do we evolve over time? How does this map to our major milestones and desired outcomes?

  • Customer Acquisition - How are unit economics and scale different by channel? Which channels enable optimal growth?

  • Pricing - How do we give and receive fair value?


  • Personnel & Skills Coverage - Do we have the right people?

  • Organization Design - Do we have the right culture and incentives to fully leverage our people?

  • Fundraising & Financing - Do we have sufficient funds, at the lowest cost of capital?

  • Supply Chain - Are we creating optimal leverage from our suppliers?

  • Business Development - Are we creating optimal leverage from a broader ecosystem of partners and complementors?

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - How do we evaluate and assess ad hoc opportunities?

  • Forecasting - What are the likely outcomes, and are we prepared for each of them?


  • Key Hypotheses to Test - What embedded assumptions within our strategy are most important to test? How can we experiment to learn more?

  • Stakeholder Alignment - Is there strategic agreement and alignment across all of our stakeholders, e.g., our investors, employees, leadership team, customers, suppliers, and partners?

  • Competitive Landscape - What are our key competitors doing? How do their actions inform our strategy? How do their actions impact our assessment of likely futures?

  • Immediate Next Steps - How do we sequence and prioritize execution of the different elements of our strategy?

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