Empowering health behavior change

Solutions-oriented coaching to clarify your vision and design systems that empower you to realize it

"Life is the gift of nature; but beautiful living is the gift of wisdom"


Our Clients


who you are

  • Our clients comes to us because they face an important challenge or well-defined problem.

  • Our clients are excited to invest in their personal happiness and are willing to make a commitment to change. They are not searching for quick fixes.
  • Our clients are curious to explore and experiment with novel ideas and frameworks, to discover what works best for their unique happiness.

EXample Situations

  • You are making a major crossroads decision like career path, graduate school, or relationship.

  • You want to create more time and attention for the activities and people that matter most to you.

  • You aspire to cultivate new health & wellness habits.

  • You desire a more concrete purpose or vision for how you want your life to be.

  • You feel a mounting discontentment despite all of the hard work and effort you pour into your life.


"You can get what you want out of life if you can open-mindedly reflect, with the help of others, on what is standing in your way and then deal with it."


Coaching to Build the Life You Want


What we Offer

  • A holistic lens grounded in adept business acumen, nuanced change management, and artful strategic formulation.
  • Expertise in behavior change (see The Habit Digest) and life design (see Sensible Living).
  • Fresh perspective and objective, constructive feedback with no agenda or bias.
  • A decade of expertise in strategic assessment and problem solving with leaders.

What we Do

  • Help you figure out what you want, to more fully embrace your purpose and potential.

  • Explore actionable paths, in the service of your development and progress, focusing on areas like health and well being; relationships; habits; and environments.

  • Design processes and systems to realize your goals while consistently acting within your values.

  • Listen with curiosity and compassion, testing and push your boundaries.

  • Empower self-mastery and self-determination.

What we Don't Do

  • Do the work for you.
  • Allow you to lie to yourself with bullshit excuses.
  • Let you give up or be too hard on yourself.
  • Clinical counseling for the purposes of improving mental health. We are not licensed for this and cannot do this for you.

"Anything less than a conscious commitment to the important is an unconscious commitment to the unimportant."


coaching programs


8 week program

  • Initial ideation of your vision

  • Design and execute 2-3 experiments

  • Glimpse your blind spots and limiting beliefs

  • Introduction to toolkit for self- experimentation


16 week program

  • Understand the depths of what you want and why

  • Design and execute 4-6 experiments

  • Explore your blind spots and limiting beliefs

  • Understanding of toolkit for self- experimentation


Clients invest in bi-weekly coaching sessions, accompanied by assignments that are completed between sessions. Program investment ranges from $1400 to $2000.


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success stories

"Teddy is an incredibly insightful human being who gets to the core of the matter quickly. He's willing to ask the difficult question in a caring way and takes a holistic view of anyone's situation, appreciating the various factors that may be influencing someone's behavior." 

Brent, healthcare executive


"Teddy is a great coach, mentor, and friend. He helped me move forward on my self-improvement goals in a way that I had long been struggling to do on my own. In particular, he helped me evaluate and shift how I make daily decisions about nutrition and exercise, and ultimately has put me on a better path toward achieving my health and wellness goals. Perhaps even more importantly, Teddy empowered me with knowledge and tools that will enable to be more effective at changing my habits and behavior in all areas of my life. "

Nick, strategy consultant


"Teddy was a great source of insight and help on a range of issues, from the humdrum daily to-do-list to the audacious life goals.  He provides energy, encouragement, accountability, and wisdom, along with a great framework and some really helpful tools.  I have adopted a number of Teddy's recommendations and have much greater confidence that I am making progress.  For the first time in a long while, I feel as though I am moving in a productive direction."

Sean, Entrepreneur & Father

"The reflection and development of the list of what is most important to me helped clarify what I should be prioritizing, and how I can better structure my day to get the most out of it. My new morning routine allows me to prioritize all of the things I care most about before I ever show up to the office! I win the day by 10am."

Rob, InvestoR & Entrepreneur


"Teddy was someone I could open up to about my challenges. He actually cared about my progress and was invested in the outcome. He was always available and willing to answer any questions I had, which I found helpful as I worked through the "homework". Finally, I ended up getting exactly what I wanted out of the coaching experience - a framework I will use to improve professionally."

Chris, Data Scientist


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