Empowering health behavior change

Our mission is to empower preventive health behaviors that enable fulfillment in everyday life. We explore the question "How can we make preventive health practical, potent, personalized, and exhilarating?" through building, consulting, and coaching.

We have a decade of experience in big three strategy consulting, top decile private equity investing, and working with preventive health start-ups. Our mission is the fusion of three core passions: preventive health, behavior change, and information transparency.

Why We Focus on Preventive Health

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For the first two decades of my life, growing up in New York City, a specific set of preventive health conventional wisdom was passed down to me. Social norms for the "right way" to eat, exercise, sleep, etc. And the "right way" afflicted me - I was overweight, and chronically tired, anxious, and stressed.

In my twenties, I was lucky to discover novel information across preventive health realms that unlocked my potential and fulfillment. Armed with better information, I finally realized my health-related goals, and radically transformed my day-to-day experience of life. This self-actualization was exciting, but also frustrating - I had spent years working hard with bad information and getting nowhere.

Luck may determine our genetics, our environment, and more, but in the Information Age, luck should not determine our ability to discover all viable options and experiment to determine what is best for us. All too often we see someone close to us do the hard work to find the courage to change, only to act on bad information and not realize the results that their effort deserves. And subsequently, that person may not summon the courage to change again. This must stop.

There is no single correct answer for everyone. But there is some correct answer for every individual. We need solutions that are designed for our personal genetics and context, like goals, environment, and behavior change obstacles. With hard work, we can give everyone a unique combination of information and solutions to build lasting health behaviors that enable fulfillment in everyday life.

~ Teddy Daiell, President